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Thursday, 17 de April de 2014.
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Embrapa Amapa

Embrapa Amapá - Macapá/AP

Ecoregional Research Center of Embrapa is located in the State of Amapá, North Region of Brazil. It has developed its organizational structure in the coverage area of the basin formed at the mouth of the amazonas river, extending to the border with French Guiana.

It has a multidisciplinary team of 85 employees, with 25 researchers, 16 senior technicians, 43 analysts and assistants.

The research center's infrastructure consists in Macapá offices, three research fields located in areas representative of the high forest biomes, floodplain forest and savannah. Among its facilities is a specialized library, laboratories, seed, soil, food, plant pathology, plant physiology, entomology and animal nutrition, vegetation and houses. It is currently being assembled a reference center in aquaculture and fisheries.

Among the technologies generated and adapted to soil and climatic conditions of Amapá, we emphasize the management of the açai palm in lowland forests flooded by the tides of the amazonas river, indicative of the vine Titica management, production systems cowpeas, tropical vegetables, pineapple, watermelon and banana resistant to black Sigatoka.

Interinstitutionally works in connection with the State Governments and Federal educational institutions (universities and agricultural schools). Just as cooperatives, associations and unions of rural workers.

With 28 years of activities, is to "make possible solutions for research, development and innovation, seeking the sustainability of agriculture and use of biodiversity in the Amazon, with emphasis on the State of Amapá and the Amazonian estuary".


Rodovia Juscelino Kubitschek, 05 km, number 2600 - University District
ZIP CODE 68903-419 - Macapá / AP
PO Box 10 (68906-970)
Phone: +55 (96) 4009-9500
Fax: +55 (96) 4009-9501


  • The forest management and non-wood products;
  • Aquaculture and fisheries management;
  • The prospect for biodiversity products;
  • Subsistence farming and traveling the Amazon;
  • Olericulture and tropical fruit;
  • Cereal production in the savannas of Amapá;
  • Bubaline cattle and in floodplains;
  • Post-harvest and processing of production.

Available Services

  • Laboratory analysis (soil, food, food science)
  • Training
  • International curriculum

Available Products

  • Specialized publications

Principal Research

  • Sustainable forest management: timber, non-wood (Palm Berry Açai, Brazil nut, vine Titica, the oilseed andiroba) and agroforestry systems;
  • Systems in olericulture (leaves, fruits and tubers) and tropical fruit (watermelon, banana, pineapple, coconut and cupuaçu);
  • Fisheries and aquaculture management of fisheries resources in the estuary, the breeding of fish and shrimp and diagnostic studies and public policy;
  • Production: Acai, cupuacu and sleeves;
  • Development and adaptation of innovative technologies for family farms;
  • Cropping systems of species with economic potential for the savanna;
  • Integration of crop-livestock-forest to savanna in the Amapá environment;
  • Banana production system focused on the use of Black Sigatoka resistant varieties;
  • Bio-ecology and control of fruit flies in the Amazon;
  • The exploration of medicinal plants, ornamental and oilseeds.
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