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Saturday, 19 de April de 2014.
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Canchim Cattle


An option for raising beef cattle on pasture or confined.

The Canchim breed was developed to unite the rapid growth of the Charolais with the rusticity of the Zebu.

The Canchim are genetically constituted of 5/8 Charolais and 3/8 Zebu. This means they adapt to the most varied climates and management, developing equally well on pastures and in confinement, with elevated maternal performance in cows, outstanding productive efficiency of males and females and good resistance to the cattle tick.

Canchim zootechnical indices are constantly being improved at the Southeast - Embrapa Cattle, both through selection and the obtaining of new breeds which aim at incorporating genetical gains achieved with the improvement of the Charolais and Zebu breeds.

The Canchim can be used both as a pure race and for commercial crossbreeding with Zebu cattle. Canchim bulls have demonstrated excellent reproductive efficiency under natural service. Calves resulting from crossbreeding Canchim x Nelore have shown 10 to 20% higher development than Zebu animals under pasture conditions, good feed conversion in confinement and excellent carcass yield.

Technology is placed at the disposal of clients by the Southeast - Embrapa Cattle through publications and consultants and principally by a yearly auction of bulls held each June.

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