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Saturday, 19 de April de 2014.
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Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Sugarcane


Sugarcane is capable of taking from the air the nitrogen needed for its development.

This takes place through the association established with nitrogen fixing bacteria. The most promissing cultivars, CB 45-3 and SP 70-1143, can produce up to 180t/ha - or three times the national average in soils of very low fertility, without nitrogenous fertilization. In this case, investments for nitrogenous fertilization can be utilized for irrigation and complementing micro-nutrients (molybdenum), making the growing of sugarcane even more economical and energy efficient.

The ecological role of the sugarcane culture and, as a consequence, the responsibility of PROALCOOL, is very important, principally when the fodder is not burned, thus in contrast with the burning of gasoline and diesel fuel, which, on the contrary, causes the greenhouse effect.

The National Center for Research on Agrobiology - CNPAB offers consulting services and publications to interested clients.

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